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Happy Valentine's Day

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1 Happy Valentine's Day on Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:26 pm

-Alexander Wilson The warm sun shone over me like an bright light bulb Peace echoes throughout my soul I see a young girl, rushing behind a tree Before I could say anything, she vanishes. I wait for the night to come so that I might catch a look at the beautiful goddess. I buy my time a watch behind a large stone

I suddenly see the goddess and watch how she turns and looks in my direction. Oh no! did she see me? I thought to myselfbefore peeping from around the stone to get a better look Alas, she has once again, vanished Next time I shall plan to talk to the young goddess, I told myself as a cold, midnight breeze blows through, rustling the trees. That following night, I watched and waited.

This time she stayed longer than before I study her beautiful stature. Her brown hair that stopped at the top of her shoulders. Her fair skin tone glimmered in the light of the full moon Her eyes...her eyes are like spheres of dyed ice. Shestaredatme with a smirkacross herlips.

"H-hey.." I strummed as her eyes pierced my soul. She didn't respond, but the young goddess seemed to be studying me. After a while, she started to talk to me and I answered her. Soon this turned into a deep conversation that neither one of us wanted to interrupt.

Before we knew it, dusk was creeping up on us. "Sorry, I have to go..." She said in a soft voice. I dreaded that sentenced that passed her lips,but knewitwouldhavetoend. Beforesheleft,I touched her hand lightly. "Can I have your name, please?" She turned and had a smile on her face, but her eyes were sad. "Areti.." She whispered and vanished. Our time was up

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